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Roof Renovation Project and Campaign

The Buddhist Church of Oakland Needs Your Help

The Buddhist Church of Oakland's roof is in need of immediate repair and restoration. Our temple is a historic landmark in Oakland soon to gain city, state and national recognition.  As a Sangha, we are the recipients and caretakers of this landmark building and must be committed to maintaining its architectural integrity.  The Church, our Sangha, and friends of our temple are being asked to assist in this time of need to complete the needed renovations.

Preliminary efforts on Scoping the Project resulted in a Renovation Estimate of $400,000.

Roof Renovation Campaign

Raising the $400,000 – How we will do it?

        * Suggested donation:

           - $500 per member or $1,000 per couple

  • Campaign Period: Two (2) years

For more information, please see the Roof Renovation Project and Campaign Presentation.

Campaign Status – August 31, 2011

Thank you to the many individuals who contributed to the 2011 Obon Memorial Lantern Tag program.  This year the program generated $2,150 in donations to the Roof Campaign.  A special thank you goes to Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai America (BDK) and Brian Nagata in particular for the generous donation of red and white lanterns that graced the odori area.  In addition to the Obon Memorial tag program, the Campaign received an additional $300 in donations and payments on pledges. 

The total monies received for the Campaign now total $283,977 as of August 31, 2011.   We are at 71% of our goal of $400,000.  To the many that have made their donation, a heartfelt thank you; for those who haven’t yet made a donation, please consider doing so in last quarter of 2011 so that we can reduce the remaining $116,023 of our campaign goal.

Thank you for your continued support of the temple and of this very important campaign!