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Dharma School

A Cordial Welcome to All!!

The Buddhist Church of Oakland Dharma School is starting up for the 2015-2016 year, and we extend our most cordial welcome to you. Our overall theme this year is “EcoSangha”  - emphasis on recycling and reusing!

Our first service will be September 13, at 10:00 am.  We have welcome coffee/juice and coffee cake/bagels available at 9:15 am before the service.  It’s a time when folks can chat with other members and catch up on news.

Our service, officiated by Rev. Harry Bridge, starts at 10:00.  Rev. Bridge is a young and energetic minister who tailors his Dharma Talks to the Dharma School children.  At 10:30, the Dharma School students go to their classes.  For the first Sunday, we spend a few minutes in a “welcome back activity” for all the Dharma School families before the students go to class.

We structure our classes based on the numbers of children registered.  Right now, we are providing groupings as follows:   kindergarten, first and second (taught by Ms. Aoki); third, fourth and fifth (taught by Ms. Hamamoto and Mrs. Ikeda), middle school (taught by Ms. Lawrence) and High School (supervised by Rev. Bridge).  Classes are dismissed usually around 11:30 am.

On our first Sunday, the church provides us with lunch - hot dogs!

The Dharma School is devoted to providing a relaxed, enjoyable introduction to Shin Buddhism, its teachings and its practices.  Our teachers dedicate their time to developing lessons, crafts, and experiences that we hope build a foundation for a Buddhist life.  Some activities that are in addition to learning the teachings of the Buddha include: 

  • Our annual Halloween Party, haunted house and lunch
  • Community Excursion – this year we will have a visit from the Silver Creek Nature Center and we hope to sponsor a visit to their center in Hayward later in the year.
  • Mochi Tsuki – the whole church gathers to make mochi in December
  • Family Activity in the Spring (last year we make spam musubi).
  • Hanamatsuri Play
  • Our Nikkoland Festival with two days of games and food open to the community on Father’s Day Weekend
  • Church Picnic in July
  • Obon Festival with dancing and food in August

We would love to see you and hope you are able to join us.  Please call me if you have any questions.

Maya Lawrence
Buddhist Church of Oakland Dharma School