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COVID-19 Updates from BCO

  • Summer Services will be posted to YouTube. Links below

  • Shotsuki Memorial Services will held each month and presented on YouTube. Links below

  • All Onsite Events and Activities are Cancelled until further notice

  • Obon Festival – Street Event & Dance Canceled

  • September BCO Annual Golf Tournament has been Canceled

  • Onsite Fall Sunday Dharma Services and Classes have been Canceled

  • December BCO Mochitsuki Event has been Canceled

  • New Years Services Onsite has been Canceled

  • BCO Office is closed.  OfficeBCO@gmail.com   (510)-832-5988

8/12/2020 – BCA Connect Newsletter – August 2020

BCA Connect is the newsletter from the Buddhist Churches of America.

8/9/2020 – August Shotsuki Memorial Service

Full Shotsuki Service

Shotsuki Donation Button

8/9/2020 – Sunday Dharma Message

Dharma Service

Donation Button

8/7/2020 – BCO Virtual Obon Program

Here is your chance to enjoy the spirit, sights and sounds of Obon at BCO.  Please enjoy our presentation and Be Safe !

Note: This Obon program was originally aired on August 7, 2020.

8/2/2020 – Obon and Hatsubon Dharma Services

Obon Full Service

Obon Dharma Talk

Obon Service Donation

Hatsubon Service

Hatsubon Service Donation

8/2/2020 – Obon Obon It’s Festival Day – 8-String Bass Version by Rev. Bridge

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