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“The Mission of the Buddhist Church of Oakland is to be an inclusive and welcoming community where the Buddhist teachings are shared and practiced”

BCO Events and Activities

  • Weekly Dharma Family Services – 10am Sunday (September to June)
  • Monthly Shotsuki Memorial Services (Shotsuki)
  • Monthly BCO Busshin Newsletter (Busshin)
  • BCO Office is open. OfficeBCO@gmail.com   (510)-832-5988
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2024 Special Services (subject to change)

  • Sunday August 4th – 9:30am – Hatsubon Service
  • Sunday August 4th – 10:30am – Obon Service
  • Sunday September 1st – BCA Founder’s Day (125th Anniversary @ Buddhist Church of San Francisco) – More details to come
  • Sunday September 22nd – 10am – Fall Ohigan Service + Otoki Lunch (New Date)
  • Sunday October 20th – 10am – Keirokai Service + Otoki Lunch
  • Sunday November 17th – 10am – Eitaikyo Service + Otoki Lunch
  • Tuesday December 31st – 3pm – New Year’s Eve Service
  • Wednesday January 1st, 2025 – 11am – New Year’s Day Service


6/10/2024 – Busshin Newsletter – July 2024 Issue

Past issues of BCO Busshin (Link)

6/2/2024 – Shotsuki Memorial Service – June 2024

5/19/2024 – Dharma Family Service

5/12/2024 – Gotan-e/Fujimatsuri 850th/800th Combined Service

5/5/2024 – Shotsuki Memorial Service – May 2024


4/21/2024 – Pets Memorial Service

4/21/2024 – Lantern Song – Bonbu Stories

Dear BCO Members, Community, & Friends,
This is Rev. Harry Bridge – I wanted to let you know about a new song/video that was just released this past weekend. It is called Lantern Song, and it is by Bonbu Stories, a group which includes BCO Jr. YBA alum Miharu Okamura!

Please check out the video on YouTube – I was not involved in the making of the song but I really want this video to go viral! And remember to hit the like button!

Lantern Song official music video

There is also an Obon Dance to go along with the song – click on the link in the video description.

Thank you!

Rev. Harry

4/14/2024 One Wish Live

3/16/2024 (posted) – BCO Golf Fun Day Tournament

Monday September 23, 2024 – 11:00am
Berkeley Country Club

Dharma Forward Campaign


  • Dharma Forward Fundraising Campaign
  • BCA – Dharma Forward Information (LINK)

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