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  • 2021 – All Onsite Services and Activities are Cancelled until further notice.
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  • Monthly Shotsuki Memorial Services will presented on YouTube
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2/28/2021 – BCA Eitaikyo Perpetual Memorial Service
Guest Speaker Reverend Kodo Umezu

YouTube Video of the Event

The Eitaikyo Perpetual Memorial Service is held in appreciation and respect for all those departed members who supported and assisted our temples and who wished to ensure the continuation of Shinran Shonin’s teachings. This annual event will have participants from all BCA temples throughout the United States. We welcome you to join us for this important event. This online service is open to the public and  is being held in conjunction with the Ministers’ Association & National Council Meeting 2021 (NCM).

Note: There will be no Dharma Family Service at BCO on Feb 28th. We encourage all to attend online the BCA Eitaikyo Perpetual Memorial Service.

2/28/2021 – BCA National Council Closing Program

Immeasurable Encounterings: BCA Past, Present, and Future

YouTube Video of the Event

First we will honor the career of Rev. Kodo Umezu, recently retired minister and Past BCA Bishop.

Next we will hear from Regina Boone, Virginia photojournalist and granddaughter of Tsuruju Miyazaki, a Japanese immigrant and incarceree who never returned home after World War II. Carrying little more than a portrait and a name, Boone’s journey to discover what happened to her grandfather leads her to a faraway family butsudan.

The final segment will focus on the future with a message from our current BCA Bishop, Rev. Marvin Harada. We will share our vision to build the future of Buddhism in America through the Dharma Forward campaign and premiere a special video.

Musical Performances by the Cherry Blossomz

2/28/2021 – Regina Boone – Journalist Unravels Mysteries of her Japanese grandfather

YouTube Video

Regina Boone was featured at the 2021 BCA National Council Meeting Closing Program (Event Link).

NHK Documentary

NHK video on Regina Boone discovery of her Japanese Grandfather’s story (Video posted by NHK till March 31, 2021)

2/26/2021 – BCA Dharma Forward – Campaign


Interest in Buddhism is growing in America as people seek a better way to live in a self-centered, divisive culture. Our temples offer sangha: a community, a shared experience of the teachings, and a place to call home as we listen to the dharma together. The Institute of Buddhist Studies also offers sangha: a graduate school community of engaged scholars, practitioners, and future ministers.

These communities exist because of dedicated efforts over many generations to carry the dharma forward to us. In gratitude for the Buddha’s wisdom and compassion, now we carry the dharma forward with entrusting hearts. Our opportunity to grow is greater than ever, and the pathway to a bright future includes YOU!

Dharma Forward Video

More Information about Dharma Forward: Please Click Here

2/21/2021 – Dharma Family Service

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2/14/2021 – Dharma Family Service

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2/14/2021 – Shotsuki Memorial Service – February

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2/14/2021 – Jewels (Book) – An Introduction to American Buddhism for Youth….

Jewels: An Introduction to American Buddhism for Youth, Scouts and the Young at Heart, introduces Buddhism to youth and young and other interested adults to Buddhism in America today. The book is dedicated to Buddhist youth and young adults on whose shoulders the future of American Buddhism rests

2/2/2021 – Busshin Newsletter March 2021