2024 – 200+ Club Membership Ticket Sales

How it Works:  Each month members have a chance of winning awards of $300, $200 & $100.  If you win, your ticket goes back into the pot for each subsequent month’s drawing.  In February 2025, the awards increase to $3000, $2000 & $1000.  The cost of one ticket is $100.

Proceeds will used for the Church Repairs, Maintenance and Upgrades.

  1. Enter the “Name” of the person you want on the Ticket
  2. Enter the “Ticket Sold by” name (if known)
  3. Click on the Yellow 220+ Club Ticket button
  4. The Church Office will mail a ticket stub to you.

Name to be put on the Ticket
Ticket Sold by

Tickets are also available for purchase from a Board Member or directly from the Church Office.

Please contact Church if you have problems making an online purchase.

Office Contact Link

Thank you for supporting BCO.