4/7/2021 updated

BCO Committees and Chairperson(s)

*Executive Committee:   Norman Yoshida
Facilities Operations and Maintenance Committee:  Mark Shimamoto
Finance Committee:  Gary Lawrence
Buddhist Education/Life Enrichment Programs Committee:   Hondo Lobley
Outreach Committee:  Carlo Manaois / Jun Hamamoto
Long-Term Planning Committee:  Steve Terusaki
Fundraising Committee:  Jon Takagaki
Dana Committee:  Rev. Bridge
*Nominating Committee:  Jon Takagaki
Host Group Committee:  Karla Lee
Communications Committee:  Joyce Yokomizo
Funeral Consultation Committee:  Rev. Bridge

*Membership limited to designated board members

BCO Committees are created through BCO Charter and are responsible for planning, development, and operation of the Buddhist Church of Oakland. Committees are chaired by a Church Board member. Except where noted above, the Committee Chairperson determines the size, membership, and makeup of their Committee. Chairperson is responsibly for the operation of their Committee and reports back to the Church Board of Directors.

The BCO Board encourages all Sangha members to consider becoming a member a Committee.  Except where note above, you do not have to be a Board Member to join and participate on a Committee.  Please contact a Committee Chairperson or the Church President if you are interested.

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