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03/18/2020 Update

Hi again,
I wanted to add, as Joemy notes in her google doc, it is always a good idea to view on-line videos and lessons before sharing them with your children. Some videos may be more appropriate for upper elementary children, but every child and family is different, so please preview and decide what’s best for you and your family.

03/18/2020 Activities for Little Ones Stuck at Home

Hello Dharma School Families,
We hope that you are all doing well under the current Shelter In Place orders.  My family is using this time to do the things we usually are too busy to do, play family board games, family walks, and even spring cleaning!
In the stream of emails below, you will see that the Tsuru for Solidarity Pilgrimage has been postponed, which is disappointing, but there will be some local events that Jun Hamamoto will keep us informed about.
Joemy, our newest Dharma School teacher is a teacher for the Berkeley Unified School District and she sent the email below to share with all of you.  In it, she shared a link to a google doc that has many activities to help you supplement your “home schooling”.  They are targeted towards toddler to early elementary students.
In addition, we can all continue to fold origami cranes for the Tsuru for Soldarity Pilgrimage.
Please also remember to view Rev. Bridges weekly Dharma message.  I’ve included the link below.
In Gassho,

25 Activities for Little Ones Stuck Indoors

Hello everyone,
Thank you for sharing. I heard a while back and have been very sad at this update but it’s of course the responsible thing to do. I’m on the committee for creating children’s activities/programming for the pilgrimage and will look forward to the time when we are able to have a new date set.
In the meantime I created this shareable google document with 25 Activities for Little Ones Stuck Inside. I’ve also put in links to math games I’ve created and will keep adding as I create more games. Please feel free to share if it feels supportive to anyone.
With gratitude and look forward to reconnecting in person again when it’s safe!


The Buddhist Church of Oakland Dharma School will be starting our year in September and we extend our most cordial welcome to you. (Registration Form)

Our first service of the year will be in September.  We serve welcome coffee, juice, bagels and pastries in the Social Hall, available at 9:15 am before service.  It’s a time when folks can chat with other members and catch up on news.

Our service, officiated by Rev. Harry Bridge, starts at 10:00am.  Rev. Bridge is a young and energetic minister who tailors his Dharma Talks to the Dharma School children.  Dharma School students then go to their classes.  For the first Sunday, we spend a few minutes on a “welcome back activity” for all the Dharma School families before the students go to class.

We structure our classes based on the numbers of children registered.  Classes are grouped as follows:

  • Preschool through 2nd grade;
  • 3rd through 5th grade;
  • Middle School
  • High School (supervised by Rev. Bridge).

Classes are dismissed usually around 11:45am.

The Dharma School is devoted to providing a relaxed, enjoyable introduction to Shin Buddhism, its teachings and practices.  Our teachers dedicate their time to developing lessons, crafts, and experiences that we hope build a foundation for a Buddhist life.  Some activities that are in addition to learning the teachings of the Buddha include:

We would love to see you and hope you are able to join us.

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