Our Mission

To encourage the learning of Japanese language and culture through Japanese language instruction for youth, ages 5 – 18 and adults.

Proficiency levels

Small class sizes allow tailored instruction for students of all proficiencies.

School Term

September through June (Every Saturday from 9:00 am until noon).  Adult classes may be held on different days and times.

Class Levels (with approximate age levels)

Advanced Class (students aged 13 – 18)
Intermediate Class (students aged 8 – 14)
Beginning Class (students aged  8 – 12)
Beginner Class (students aged 5 – 8)
Adult – Intermediate to Advanced
Adult – Beginning to Intermediate

Here is a sample of our curriculum at Nippongo Gakuen.

*School Term

  • Semester 1 : September – December
  • Semester 2 : January – June

*Tuition (update 1/2/2024)

Tuition is on a semester basis.  The cost of text books is in addition to the tuition fees.  Tuition will not be prorated based on partial semester attendance.

  • *Semester 1 : September – December
    • Thursday Classes: TBD
    • Saturday Classes: TBD
  • *Semester 2 : January – June – 2024

    • Thursday Classes: $375.00
    • Saturday Classes: $375.00
*Tuition for Classes subject to change without notice.

Online Tuition Instructions:

  • 1. Select: “Class Day” (Thursday or Saturday)
  • 2. Enter “Student’s Name”
  • 3. Enter “Email Address or Telephone Number”
  • 4. Click on “Yellow” Button

Semester 2 – January to June – Payment Option

Semester 2 – January to June

Student Name

Email/Phone Number

Tuition $375.00

Semester 2 – January to June

Student Name

Email/Phone Number

Tuition $375.00


Student Registration Form

Adult Registration Form

Gakuen Email Address: BCOGakuen@buddhistchurchofoakland.org

Gakuen Fundraising Campaign


…We ask for your support in helping the Gakuen address the financial impacts that COVID has created. The Board of the Gakuen is dedicated to ensuring that our Japanese language program is sustainable and will continue as an integral part of the programs offered at the Buddhist Church of Oakland. We have a long legacy and we are committed to carrying that legacy forward into the future… (Letter Link)

Gakuen Board


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