Our Mission

To encourage the learning of Japanese language and culture through Japanese language instruction for youth, ages 5 – 18 and adults.

Proficiency levels

Small class sizes allow tailored instruction for students of all proficiencies.

School Term

September through June (Every Saturday from 9:00 am until noon).  Adult classes may be held on different days and times.

Class Levels (with approximate age levels)

Advanced Class (students aged 13 – 18)
Intermediate Class (students aged 8 – 14)
Beginning Class (students aged  8 – 12)
Beginner Class (students aged 5 – 8)
Adult – Intermediate to Advanced
Adult – Beginning to Intermediate

Here is a sample of our curriculum at Nippongo Gakuen.


Tuition is on a semester basis.  The cost of text books is in addition to the tuition fees.  Tuition will not be prorated based on partial semester attendance.

  • Semester 1: September – December
  • Semester 2: January – March
  • Semester 3: April – June

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