Buddhist Church of Oakland

Celebrate Hanamatsuri
BCO Bento Sale !

– Order by Wednesday March 24th
– Drive-Thru Pickup on Saturday April 3rd @ BCO

Sales Have Closed !

Join us for a gourmet Japanese dinner prepared by professional Chef Royce Mori

Please place your order:

1. Online Ordering on the BCO Website: www.BuddhistChurchofOakland.org/bento/

(Sales have Closed)

2. Mail your order with Check to Church by Wednesday March 24th

  • LINK: Order Form Flyer PDF (Sales have Closed)

3. Call Church with your order. Please bring payment when picking up

LAST DAY TO ORDER: Wednesday March 24th 2021  (Sales have Closed)

DRIVE-THRU PICKUP: Saturday April 3rd—11:30am to 2:00pm

Chef Royce Mori of Red Crane in Cupertino. (Photo courtesy of the restaurant)About Chef Mori: Royce Mori grew up in the Bay Area as a member of the Southern Alameda County Buddhist Church (SACBC).  After attending the California Culinary Academy, he has worked at Roy’s, Ozumo, Straits and Okura.  He opened his own restaurant, The Red Crane and currently operates Meaningful Meal Non-Profit Fundraising to support local causes. He started a weekly Wednesday Asian meal program at SACBC and cooks for several local temples and Asian groups.