Date: Sunday – December 15, 2019
Time: 7 am to 2 pm
Location: Buddhist Church of Oakland (Directions)

Please join us in December for the BCO Annual Mochitsuki fundraiser. On this one day, the congregation and many friends meet to make Mochi (Japanese Rice Cakes) for the celebration of the coming New Year. Mochi is made from a special sweet rice that is steam cooked, crushed,  molded by hand into rice cakes and then slowly hand-cooled.

We need the entire congregations and many friends to support this annual event. A special lunch is prepared and served by the Jr YBA youth group to all who attend.  Hope to see you at the Mochitsuki.

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If you would like to order mochi, please order early since we normally sell out. See the order form for more ordering information. Please pick up your order on Sunday. Pickup is available starting the after 3:30 pm.  Order Form

Last Day to order:  Friday December 6th 2019.

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