Shotsuki-Hoyo – Monthly Memorial Service

Shotsuki-Hoyo memorial service is held on the first Sunday of each month (except Jan, July, August or otherwise scheduled) following the Dharma Family Service.  We observe a monthly service at church in memory of those people whose date of death falls in that month.

Calendar – Buddhist Holidays Festivals & Events

January 1st / New Years Day Service
January / Ho-onko – Memoral for Shinran
February / Nirvana Day – Passing of Buddha
March / Higan-E – Spring Equinox Celebration
April / Hanamatsuri – Buddha’s Birthday
May / Gotan-E or Fujimatsuri – Shinran’s Birthday
June / BCO Bazaar and Food Festival
July / BCO – Family Day at the Game
August / Obon Festival

August / Obon Memorial Service
September / Higan-E – Autumn Equinox Celebration
TBD / BCO Golf Tournament
October / Halloween Luncheon & Haunted House
November / Eitaikyo – Perpetual Memorial Service
December / Bodhi Day – Enlightenment of Buddha
December / Mochitsuki
December 31st / New Year’s Eve Services

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