Held each November, Eitaikyo is a special memorial service that honors current and past members of the Buddhist Church of Oakland. At this Service, special scrolls are displayed that list the names of BCO Sangha members and others that are on the Eitaikyo Registry. Family and friends contribute to a special Eitaikyo Fund to have a name placed on the Eitaikyo Registry.

The Eitaikyo Fund was started in the early 1960’s. The Fund is a endowment that is used exclusively for maintenance and upkeep of the BCO alter and chapel.

Please contact the BCO Office if you are interested in adding a name on the Eitaikyo Registry or would like more information (Contact Info).

2021 – Eitaikyo Service featuring Guest Speaker Rev. Dr. Yamaoka.

Updated: 11/21/2021 Norman Yoshida