In the event of the death of a member of your family please contact the church office for information on arranging a Makuragyo visit, funeral and memorial services.

Makuragyo Visit / Service

In the event of the death of a member of your family, immediately contact the resident minister. During weekends, evenings, and holidays, please call his home. The minister will immediately conduct a Makuragyo service at the bedside of the deceased. If this is not possible, a special service will be conducted prior to the funeral arrangement meeting.

Funeral Arrangements – BCO Members/Families

The minister will discuss with the family how and when to hold the funeral arrangement meeting. The Church President will then be contacted with the details. The church’s appropriate Social Welfare Area Representatives will also be contacted.

Generally, the funeral arrangement meeting is held at the residence of the deceased. However, it may be held at the church. Those in attendance shall include the following: members of the family of the deceased, resident minister, church president, and social welfare area representatives. If desired, a representative of the Women’s Association may be invited. The wishes of the family will be the primary concern of the church.

Memorial Service