2020 Dharma Family Service – Archives

12/19/2020 – BCO New Year’s Service Services



12/6/2020 – Bodhi Day Dharma Family Service – Zoom

12/6/2020 – Shotsuki Memorial and Dharma Service – December

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11/29/2020 – Sunday Dharma Family Service

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11/22/2020 Dharma Family Service

11/15/2020 Eitaikyo “Perpetual Chanting of the Sutras” Memorial – Dharma Family Service

11/8/2020 – Dharma Family Service

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11/1/2020 Dharma Family Service – Acceptance

11/1/2020 – Shotsuki Memorial Service – November

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10/25/2020 – Dharma Family Service

10/25/2020 – Dharma Talk – Authenticity

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10/18/2020 – Eshinni/Kakushinni/Lady Ohtani Memorial Service

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10/18/2020 – Sunday Dharma Family Service

PDF Version

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10/11/2020 – Keirokai Senior Appreciation Service

Note: Pre-Recorded Version

10/4/2020 Sunday Family Dharma Service

  Dharma Talk

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10/4/2020 October Shotsuki Memorial Service

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9-27-2020 – LIVE Sunday Dharma Service (Recording on You Tube)

This is the first live BCO Dharma Service. Please join Rev. Bridge and the Sangha.

UPDATE: A recording of this Broadcast is posted to YouTube. Next Live Service will be on October 11th – Keirokai Service.

9-20-2020 – Fall Ohigan Dharma Service

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9/13/2020 Sunday Family Dharma Service

Full Service

Dharma Talk

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9/13/2020 September Shotsuki Memorial Service

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8/30/2020 – Sunday Dharma Message – Buddhist Values Part 5 – The Middle Way

8/23/2020 – Sunday Dharma Message

Hello everyone,

This is Rev. Harry. Hoping that the smoke isn’t affecting you too much, and very concerned for those who have been directly affected by the fires.

Between the heat wave & the smoke (and several BCA meetings!) I did not record a Dharma Message this week. 

At age 88, Shinran Shonin, the founder of our school of Buddhism, wrote in a letter: 

“…The Tathagata taught the truth of life’s impermanence for us fully, so you must not be distressed by it.”

And yet, being faced with constant change and difficulty can be distressing.

If we were truly awakened then maybe nothing would bring us down, but as ordinary beings it is easy to get upset. With the Nembutsu, let’s find a middle way between these two extremes!

Although we have to be apart during this pandemic, we are still a Sangha. May the Teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha and the Wisdom and Compassion of Amida Buddha help us face these difficulties. 


Rev. Harry Gyokyo Bridge

8/6/2020 – Sunday Dharma Service – Thoughts on Obon at the End of the Season

8/9/2020 – August Shotsuki Memorial Service

Full Shotsuki Service

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8/9/2020 – Sunday Dharma Message

Dharma Service

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8/2/2020 – Obon and Hatsubon Dharma Services

Obon Full Service

Obon Dharma Talk

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Hatsubon Service

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7/26/2020 – Sunday Dharma Service
Buddhist Values Part 4 – “The Nembutsu Alone is True & Real” Full Service

Dharma Talk

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7/19/2020 – Sunday Dharma Service
Buddhist Values Part 3 – “Non Judgment”

Dharma Talk

7/12/2020 – July Shotsuki Memorial Service and Adult Dharma Service


Adult Dharma Talk

7/5/2020 – Sunday Dharma Talk – Interdependence Day !!!

6/28/2020 – Sunday Dharma Service – Buddhist Values Part 2

Dharma Talk

CLICK HERE: Link to Buddhist Values Part 1

6/21/2020 – Sunday Father’s Day Dharma Service

Father’s Day Dharma Talk

6/14/2020 – Sunday Adult Dharma Service

Adult Dharma Talk

6/7/2020 – Sunday Dharma Family Graduation Service

Full Service

Family Dharma Talk

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6/7/2020 – June Shotsuki Memorial Service and Adult Dharma Service

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5/31/2020 – Sunday Dharma Family Servic

Family Dharma Talk

Adult Dharma Talk

5/22/2020 – Memorial Day Cemetery Service

Due to the pandemic and Shelter in Place order, we will not be conducting the Cemetery Services over the Memorial Day Weekend this year.

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5/17/2020 – Sunday Dharma Service – Gotan / Fujimatsuri

Family Dharma Service

Family Dharma Talk

Adult Dharma Talk

5/10/2020 – Sunday Dharma Family Service – Mother’s Day

Juseige PDF

Dharma Message

5/3/2020 – Sunday Dharma Family Service

Full Service

Gassho to Amida PDF

Dharma Message

5/3/2020 – May Shotsuki Service

4/26/2020 – Sunday Dharma Family Service – Earth D

Dharma Message

4/19/2020 – Sunday Dharma Family Service

4/12/2020 – April Shotsuki Memorial Service

4/12/2020 – Pets Memorial Service

 4/8/2020 – In Lumbini’s Garden

4/5/2020 – Sunday Hanamatsuri Service

4/4/2020 – BCO Accepting Online Donations

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3/29/2020 – Sunday Dharma Family Service

3/29/2020 – Large Purple Book

The Tacoma Buddhist Temple made a PDF of the BCA Shin Buddhist Service Book (or “Large Purple Book” as we call it) and BCA shared it. Just in case you need it, this link should work:

3/22/2020 – Spring Ohigan Service

03/15/2020 – Dharma Message

03/15/2020 – Sunday Dharma Message

03/13/2020 – Dharma Message

03/13/2020 – Service Cancellation Video

03/11/2020 – BCO Cancels Services for Sunday 3/22 and 3/29

03/09/2020 – BCO Cancels Services for Sunday 3/8 and 3/15