We welcome you to join and be an active member of the Temple with an “Individual”, “Couples”, “Student” or  “Senior” membership. Your Membership dues provide funds to support the costs of operating the Temple and includes membership in the Buddhist Churches of America.

Annual Dues – (updated 2022)

$250 – One Member & Family
$500 – Two Members & Family
$50 – Special 30 & Under Membership

  • Checks: Make checks out to “Buddhist Church of Oakland”. Please mark your check “Membership”. Mail or Drop Off your check.
  • Online Payment: Click on button below. Please choose appropriate payment amount. Please enter your Name(s), Address, and Phone Number. (Note: Monthly payments are available)

New members please submit your completed Membership Form to the Church Office. 

Church Membership Dues should be submitted annually in January.

Contact the Church Office if you have any questions.

Contact Information

  •  Membership amounts listed above are only recommendations. Members may donate any amount they feel appropriate or within their budget.


In addition to being member, we encourage you to support the church by volunteering to serve on the Board, participate on Committees, teaching with the Dharma School, assisting associations and clubs, helping at events and programs and spreading the  dharma teachings. Your direct participation and input helps grow and guide the Sangha.

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Dana – Giving – Donations

In addition to your membership, your Dana make it possible for the Church to offer Services and Programs. The annual BCO Bazaar and Obon fundraiser events earn only a small portion of the funds needed to operate the Church. Individual donations by members, families, and supporters are very important for the viability of the Church. Click Here for Giving Options

Thank you for your support.

“White Envelope” Donations

“White Envelope” donations are contributions made for Special Services (Ohigan, Hanamatsuri, Obon, etc), monthly Shotsuki Services, Memorials, Thank You’s and other events or occasions.  These donations tend to be of smaller amounts but are done multiple times through out the year.  These donations are very important to the Church’s operation and programs. Click Here for Giving Options

Online Donations through PayPal

Today, a majority of “White Envelope” donations to the Church are made by bank check and are presented at a Church service or mailed to the Church Office. , but starting in April 2020 “White Envelope” donations can also be made online using PayPal.  Online donations can be made using a credit card or a personal PayPal account.  Donations can be made on an “one-time” basis or an “automatic” monthly repeating basis.

FAQ about Online Donations and Instructions – Click Here

Donations by Check:

Make checks payable to: “Buddhist Church of Oakland

Buddhist Church of Oakland
825 Jackson St
Oakland CA 94607

Donation Designation: Please either note on the check or attach a note if you have a designation for your donation (Special Services, “In Memory of…”, etc).

Donations of Tangible Goods

BCO is looking for donations of gift cards, sell-able products, usable office supplies, kitchen supplies, food goods, or other items. Please contact the Church Office before mailing or dropping off any tangible goods you may have to donate.  Contact Information

Special Donations

Please contact the Church Office if you are interest in making other donations, endowments, gifts, and/or grants. Contact Information

BCA Dharma Forward – Campaign 2022


Interest in Buddhism is growing in America as people seek a better way to live in a self-centered, divisive culture. Our temples offer sangha: a community, a shared experience of the teachings, and a place to call home as we listen to the dharma together. The Institute of Buddhist Studies also offers sangha: a graduate school community of engaged scholars, practitioners, and future ministers.

These communities exist because of dedicated efforts over many generations to carry the dharma forward to us. In gratitude for the Buddha’s wisdom and compassion, now we carry the dharma forward with entrusting hearts. Our opportunity to grow is greater than ever, and the pathway to a bright future includes YOU!

Dharma Forward Video

Program Booklet & Letter

BCA – Dana Program

More Information

for Buddhist Education Program
Presented by the Buddhist Churches of America

Dana is an opportunity to express appreciation for the immeasurable influence of the teachings on our lives. Your recurring donation supports thriving Buddhist Education programs and enables new initiatives to share Shinran Shonin’s teachings with the world.

Note: Donors can choose the “Temple Share Option” when making your contribution. If you select this option, 50% of your “Dana” donation will be shared directly with a Temple/Church of your designation.

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