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OBWA – Oakland Buddhist Women’s Association.

The Oakland Buddhist Women’s Association (OBWA) is the temple’s primary service group and the heart of our Sangha. The women of the OBWA regularly prepare food for church events and services, teach younger members the fine art of Japanese food preparation, and actively serve our local community. This strong nucleus of women has initiated and coordinated many social, cultural, and fundraising activities throughout BCO history, and has thus, sustained the vitality of the church.

As mothers and grandmothers, they have encouraged and helped their children and families to understand the importance of the Dharma, while making religious programs and opportunities available to awaken their own personal and spiritual well-being.

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3/4/2023 – Cookbook Format Instructions

March 2023

Lady Takeko Kujo

Lady Takeko Kujo (1887-1928) dedicated much of her adult life to giving a greater voice to Buddhist women, and is credited with co-founding the Fujinkai in Japan with her sister-in-law, Kazuko Ohtani. Lady Kujo was the daughter of Koson Ohtani, the 21st Monshu. She also founded Asoka Hospital, one of Japan’s first modern medical centers. She died in Tokyo, Japan after contracting an illness during her charitable work in the city’s slums following the Great Kanto Earthquake. BWA chapters were established in every Jodo Shinshu temple in Japan, and later in the United States and other overseas areas as many Japanese began emigrating in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

Source: Buddhist Temple San Diego


Eshinni and Kakushinni

Shinran Shonin’s wife and daughter.

BCA Brochure Information

Lady Yoshiko Ohtani – Biographer – The Life of Eshinni

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