Online Payment Only:

(For people who have been mailed raffle tickets in advance)

1. Select Number of Tickets you are purchasing (12, 6 or 1).
2. List Ticket Numbers Purchased (#1000-#1011)
3. Click on Button to make payment (Raffle Payment Only Button).
4. Fill out each your ticket stubs (Name, Address, Phone, & Seller)
5. Submit the stubs
to Church by June 10, 2023
6. Retain “ticket” portion as your receipt. Note date paid.

(Payment Only. No new tickets will be issued.)

1. Number of Tickets
2. List Ticket Numbers (#100x to 100y)

4. Fill out Stubs
5. Submit Stubs to Church
6. Note on Ticket/Receipt date paid.

Please contact Church:

  1. If you Need to Purchase Tickets (Don’t already have tickets)

  2. If you Need Additional Tickets to Sell

  3. If you have Any Questions.

Link (Contact Church)